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The Core Surgery Interview Online Question Bank features over 250 core surgery interview questions for you to practise. The interface is fully responsive meaning you can practise questions on your phone at work or home computer.
All questions feature explanations and frameworks to help you structure your answers and understand what is expected at interview.

Sample Clinical Question 3

You are called to review a patient on the surgical ward who is 7 days post a converted laparoscopic to open appendicectomy. There were complications at the time of surgery and a small portion of his bowel was removed.

The patient hasn’t opened his bowels since the operations and feels bloated. He is 130 kg, T2DM, HTN and has extensive PVD.

He has been spiking temperatures of 39.6 degrees for the last 48 hours and a repeat set of bloods done by the FY1 this evening show a WCC 16.3 and CRP 249. His urine output has tailed off to 10 mls/hr and his observations are starting to deteriorate.

How would you manage this gentleman?

What is metabolic acidosis?

The gentleman has a low urine output. Name some causes of acute renal failure.

On a further set of bloods the gentleman was noted to be hyperkalaemic. How would you treat this?
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