Core Surgery Interview

Core Surgery Application Self-Assessment Questions

As part of the Core Surgical Training application you will be asked to complete a set of self-assessment questions. The answers you give to these questions are validated during the portfolio station on the interview day and make up a significant proportion of your overall interview score. You have to provide evidence to support your answers for each question and can get referred to a probity panel if you are suspected of trying to mislead the interviewers with the evidence you have provided. The maximum self-assessment score is 72.

    1. Qualifications

    Postgraduate Degrees and Qualifications

    CST Self-Assessment
    2. CPD

    CPD Courses

    CST Self-Assessment
    3. Achievements

    Additional Achievements

    CST Self-Assessment
    4. QIP

    Quality Improvement

    CST Self-Assessment
    5. Teaching Exp

    Teaching Experience

    CST Self-Assessment
    6. Training in Teaching

    Training in Teaching

    CST Self-Assessment
    7. Presentations


    CST Self-Assessment
    8. Publications


    CST Self-Assessment
    9. Leadership

    Leadership and Management

    CST Self-Assessment
    10. Commitment

    Commitment To Surgery

    CST Self-Assessment
    11. Clinical Exp

    Clinical Experience

    CST Self-Assessment
    12. Organisation

    Organisation of Portfolio

    CST Self-Assessment

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