Core Surgery Interview Question Bank Launch

Core Surgery Interview Questions Bank Launched

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our Core Surgery Question Bank.

The core surgery questions bank is designed to help you prepare for core surgical specialty selection interviews together with improving your orthopaedic knowledge.

We realise that it can be difficult knowing where to start when preparing for interviews and the interview process is stressful.

Our bank of over 250 unique questions has been carefully prepared based on common surgical emergencies and principles and help you to highlight gaps in your knowledge together with providing evidence-based summaries of key conditions.

The question bank is not a list of past questions but rather a specially designed, interactive resource that facilitates learning and helps to test your existing knowledge prior to interviews.

Features Include:
 Over 250 Unique Questions
 Comprehensive answers and links to evidence
 Navigate questions using the Dashboard
 Questions use case-based format
 Evidence-based explanations
 Clinical scenarios with explanations
 Portfolio scenarios, example answers and frameworks
 Management scenarios with transcripts and explanations
 Moderated comments to stimulate discussion

Access is available up to the end of the interview week for

Even more questions will be added to the question bank between now and the 2015 core surgery interviews all with comprehensive evidence-based explanations.

To gain access head over to the 
Question Bank Now

Still not sure? Check out some 
sample questions.

Remember to keep checking our 
News and Blogs page to help you prepare for interviews.

Access is for individual, personal use only. Copying and distribution of questions is strictly prohibited by copyright law.

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